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Find below all Azrael figures released.
Note: Though there were quite a few Azrael as Batman figures released, most were very inaccurate in regards
to costume coloring and appendages. The one’s listed below are the versions you want to look for if authenticity
is more to your liking.



Knight Force Ninjas



Manufacturer – Kenner
Series – Batman Knight Force Ninjas
Year Released – 1998














Manufacturer – Hasbro
Series – DC Superheroes – Knightfall Batman
Year Released – 1999
Notes: Identical Sculpt to the DC Direct Version but more accurate in the armor color.
















Manufacturer – DC Direct
Series – Knightfall Batman
Year Released – 1999
Notes: Identical sculpt to the Hasbro version but with lighter coloring.














Manufactuer – Medi-Com Toy Corp
Series – Kubrick Batman Series 1 (Japanese Edition)
Year Released – 2003













Manufacturer – Mattel
Series – DC Super Heroes Series 3 Select Sculpt
Year Released – 2006















Manufacturer – Mattel
Series – DC Universe Classics – Wave 16
Year Released – 2010
Notes: The suit worn throughout Knightquest and Knightsend















Manufacturer – Mattel
Series – DC Universe Classics – Knightfall 2-Pack
Year Released – 2010
Notes: Color Variant of DC Universe Wave 16 Figure, suit worn in the last two issues of Knightsend.Figure was only available in this 2-pack.










Manufacturer – Mattel
Series – Batman Unlimited – Gotham City Bane Battle
Year Released – 2014
Notes: Originally a Toys R Us Exclusive. 7-Piece figure set comes with Batman Beyond, Batman, Azrael, Bane, Deathstroke, Robin, Red Hood. Figure pack was created for a rumored animated feature that would feature all characters in pack.









Manufacturer – Mattel
Series – Batman Arkham Origins – Knightfall Batman
Year Released – 2015
Notes: Packaging refers to this suit as worn worn by Bruce Wayne instead of making mention of Azrael (Jean Paul Valley, the actual wearer of the suit).