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Knightquest – The Search

jltask5coverJustice League: Task Force
Knightquest – The Search
Issue No 5 – October 1993
Death In The Caribbean
Outfitted with a wheelchair ready for battle, Bruce and Alfred head to the island of Santa Prisca in search of Jack Drake and Dr. Shondra Kinsolving. Upon arrival, they are attacked by local assassins but are saved by Bronze Tiger. After checking into a local hotel that caters to drug dealers, Bruce meets up with Gypsy and Bronze Tiger who spy on the locals to find that Jack Drake is not doing well while the locals shoot a bazooka directly at the hotel to kill Bruce and Alfred!






jltask6coverJustice League: Task Force
Knightquest – The Search
Issue No 6 – November 1993
Bronze Tiger and Gypsy are ambushed as they try to uncover Bruce and Alfred from the rubble of the hotel, unbeknownst to them that they are safe by way of a tent in the chair off grounds. Bronze Tiger and Gypsy meet up with Green Arrow to face Asps, kidnapper of Dr Kinsolving and Jack Drake. Though they are able to rescue Kinsolving, she willingly boards a helicopter with Asp not wanting to leave Drake in his current state. Bruce charters a yacht more determined then ever to rescue to the two.






shadowbat21coverBatman – Shadow of the Bat
Knightquest – The Search
Issue No 21 – November 1993
Bruce Wayne: Part 1 – The Hood
Now in London, Bruce and Alfred seek out local vigilante The Hood to break into MI5 to steal the file on Dr. Kinsolving and Jack Drake’s kidnapper, Benedict Asp. They come to find out that Asp is described as a ‘freelance psychic consultant,’ and his intentions with Dr. Kinsolving are to use her long dormant healing powers to harness and reverse, causing death instead. In London, Asp is to hold a ball which Bruce intends to attend.






shadowbat22coverBatman – Shadow of the Bat
Knightquest – The Search
Issue No 22 – December 1993
Bruce Wayne: Part 2 – A Day In The Death of an English Village
Attending Asps’ ball as Sir Hemingford Grey, Bruce gets closer to finding Dr. Kinsolvng and Jack Drake. Using her powers, Asp demonstrates the death of a small nearby village. When she steps out, Bruce recognizes her but not him in his disguise. The Hood, along with an agent from MI5 also close in on Asp.








shadowbat23coverBatman – Shadow of the Bat
Knightquest – The Search
Issue No 23 – January 1994
Bruce Wayne: Part 3 – The Curse of the Bat
Not pleased that Sir Hemingford Grey seems to know Dr. Kinsolving, he orders his men to dispose of him. Bruce however holds his own and is saved by the Hood after he crashes in having discovered the death of the nearby village. Hood promises not to tell anyone that Hemingford, Bruce, is actually Batman and Bruce vows to bring down Asp for his crimes.







legendsof59coverBatman: Legends of the Dark Knight
Knightquest – The Search
Issue No 59 – March 1994
Quarry – Part 1
Bruce continues in his pursuit of Dr. Kinsolving and her captor, Benedict Asp when their secret is revealed; they are brother and sister who can harness their power only when in each others presence!








legendsof60coverBatman: Legends of the Dark Knight
Knightquest – The Search
Issue No 60 – April 1994
Quarry – Part 2
Asp threatens to kill four heads of state through his combined familial powers. Afraid that Bruce Wayne may become a target, Alfred leaves Bruce and heads back to Gotham to ask Batman if he can look after Bruce, but Jean Paul is reluctant. Bruce plans to be captured by Asp in an attempt to get closer to the duo.







legendsof61coverBatman: Legends of the Dark Knight
Knightquest – The Search
Issue No 61 – June 1994
Quarry – Part 3
Going according to his plan, Bruce is captured by Asp during a hurricane hitting the island. Asp figures out that Bruce Wayne is really Batman and Dr. Kinsolving uses her powers to heal Bruce, but in doing so mentally reverts herself to the state of a child. Asp disappears and is assumed dead.





One Shots

January 1994
Lake of Fire
In this DC and Marvel comics crossover issue Jean Paul Valley as Batman meets Marvel’s Punisher. The Punisher follows leads to Gotham where his enemy Jigsaw has come to inject a rocket fuel into the city’s water supply system in hopes of ransoming the city. Batman and the Punisher briefly team-up when they realize that they are after the same people but Batman is betrayed by the Punisher twice who fears being taken in. In the end the Punisher escapes, Jean Paul feels he has failed and we are surprised to find that the Joker was actually the one behind bringing Jigsaw to Gotham.




plusquestionAzrael + the Question
December 1996
The Answer to the Terror & the Question
After saving a politician from being killed, Victor Sage is offered a job to protect the life of his daughter aboard a cruise ship she performs on. After lucid dreams of his father verbally abusing him, Jean Paul finds himself aboard the same cruise and helps save the lives of the passengers after a gang of would-be thugs attempt to kill everyone on board.





January 1997
A mysterious fire is set in New York with reports stating a character with flaming swords was the cause leads Batman to confront Jean Paul on his whereabouts. To clear his name Azrael hits the big apple and encounters Firefly where he teams up with Ash.  With Oracle’s help, the duo locate Professor Kissedy, a former University teacher who has been using an alien to start fires in seeking revenge on those who wrote him off. In the end the alien sees the trust and is reunited with his mother.
This issue is special due to the fact that it features two characters created by Joe Quesada – Azrael and Ash.




November 1998
Angel Wings – As part of a series of on-shot issues for the ‘one million’ title, we find a version of Azrael in the year ::insert year here:: getting his wings from Sister Dumas that enable him to time travel to any place and any time. During his travels looking to help he encounters versions of Green Arrow, Catwoman and Robin, and the Hawkmen. In going to the past he becomes discordant material, or an actual angel and witnesses jean Paul Valley as Azrael in hand to hand combat with Two-Face. Azrael is then taught a lesson by Sister Dumas about where evil comes from.